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Timeshare Donations

Timeshare donation is quickly becoming the safest and easiest way to exit a timeshare ownership. Once you decide to donate timeshare to charity, there is no waiting and no guessing game. For those who qualify, donating your timeshare with means a guaranteed transfer of ownership. We will take care of the entire process from initial paperwork to working the closing company.

Timeshare donation is beneficial to all parties involved. The charitable organization will receive your timeshare as a much needed financial gift; while you may benefit from a tax write-off and alleviation of ownership responsibilities. Working with is also a sure way to avoid a timeshare resale scam. Your agreement will be explained in writing, for you to review prior to moving forward. If we are unable to provide timeshare donation services to your ownership, there is no risk to you, as we will return both the ownership and any costs incurred.

Donate Timeshare vs. Sell Timeshare

For those owners who have tried selling their timeshare with no success, or just looking to exit their timeshare quickly – donation can be a great alternative. Donating timeshare is much faster and easier than timeshare resale and most importantly – you are provided with a guaranteed result.

Selling a timeshare typically involves paying $500-$3,000 to a timeshare advertising source in order to list your ownership on their website. Although you may pay a large sum, there is no guarantee that your ownership will sell. If it does eventually sell, it may take a few years (and more advertising fees) to do so. Also, the truth of the matter is that timeshare resales do not sell for their initial purchase price from the developer. This is because when you are trying to resell a timeshare, you cannot provide all the bells and whistles that the resort typically does. Unfortunately, you cannot provide a tour of the facilities or allow the potential buyer to experience what ownership is like with a free vacation.

Donation also provides fewer hassles than selling a timeshare. Most timeshare resale companies provide resources for you to advertise for sale by owner, which means that you would need to work directly with a buyer to negotiate prices and fill out paperwork. For those who are not familiar with sales or these types of transactions, this can become a daunting task. When you donate timeshare, you do not need to worry about negotiating a sales price or chasing after someone to sign paperwork. We will take care of the entire transfer; all you’ll have to do is file your tax deduction.

Timeshare Donations for Charity

Your timeshare donation will benefit Give Back Charities, Inc., a 501c(3) charity. Through donations like these, Give Back Charities provides support to the community by scholarships and award to those who need extra support. At the request of the donor, donations can also be used to provide support selfless pillars of the community, such as teachers and crisis center volunteers. Give Back Charities’ mission is to not only provide support to these individuals, but to create a “pay it forward” effect. They propose that once the recipients of their organization are stable in their lives and careers that they can reciprocate by providing support to others in the community. Give Back Charities, Inc. works to enable their recipients towards self-reliance and stability. When you donate timeshares to Give Back Charities, you will these individuals in need of a hand-up.